Rose Water Manicure: $38
This is our traditional manicure that includes a classic polish. We start with a scented lotion hand massage. We than shape the nails, care for the cuticles, and complete the treatment with a polish of your choice.

Spa Manicure: $45
Our spa manicure includes a massage of the hands and arms with aromatic exfoliants that will invigorate and smooth your skin. This combination will leave you feeling refreshed and pampered.

Soothing Paraffin Hand Treatment: $20
Reward your hard working hands with this intensive treatment that will leave your skin feeling soft and deeply moisturised. First we massage the hands with a multi vitamin moisturiser, then your hands are cocooned with paraffin mask and then wrapped in soft-mitts. A soothing, softening experience.

The Indulgence Pedicure: $70
These sumptuous pedicures are intoxicating. Imagine soaking your tired feet in a frothy mineral bath Delight in the silky smooth skin revealed by our exfoliating scrub. Relax as the mask revitalises and hydrates. Indulge in the sensory enchantment of rich butter cream. Enjoy all this and a relaxing foot and leg massage.

Spa Pedicure: $55
You will be pleased to discover that our pedicure is not just for your feet. The first step to our Spa Pedicure is to bathe your hands in a warm, soothing paraffin treatment that will leave them soft and moisturised. All that is left for you to do is to relax as your feet soak in a warm fragrant foot bath. The final step is a traditional manicure on your toes.

Express Manicure Treatment of File, Buff & Polish : $25

French Polish Technique: additional $10

Rose Water Signature Facial: $75

This facial begins with a careful analysis of the skin followed by a deep cleansing with products selected just for you. A soothing face, neck, and shoulder massage you will experience the application of a mask, followed with a refreshing toner and a nourishing moisturiser.

Mini Facial: $55
If you're pressed for time than enjoy a mini version of our most popular facial ideal to tone, and refresh the skin.

Deep Cleansing Treatment: $89
This special facial includes all of the soothing benefits of our signature facial along with extraction, a special mask that will leave the skin free of dead cells while restoring suppleness. This treatment will leave you positively radiant.
Vitamin C Facial Treatment: $95
Problematic dry sun damaged and pigmented skin, this is your answer. Boost your facial with rich anti-oxidants, restoring clarity, texture elasticity and firmness. This facial promotes collagen synthesis, preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and regain your ultimate complexion.

The Divine Facial Treatment: $135
This luxurious facial is anything but fluff. It is designed to wipe away the effects of dehydration or fatigued skin and leave you looking and feeling refreshed and younger looking. It has strong oxygenating, revitalising and nourishing effects with fluorinated oils to repair the skin.

Microdermabrasion with Deluxe Facial : 80min $145
Even a therapeutic microdermabrasion facial treatment should be enjoyable. With the deluxe microdermabrasion facial we remove all the remaining micro-crystals from your skin with a soft warm towel,clearing any remaining dead cells,complete with extra extraction This creates a bright and luminous glow! you will feel great with the soothing massage,pampering and professional skincare products soaking into the deep layers of your skin.

Microdermabrasion: 45min $125
Microdermabrasion treatment deeply exfoliates the top layer of the skin. A gentle vacuum exfoliates and brings the micro-crystals onto your skin at a very rapid rate. The crystals and dead skin are than vacummed off, leaving you with a fresh,clean,bright and new complexion! The benefits of microdermabrasion.

»   helps with acne comedones (blackheads)
»   Dull or rough skin
»   hyperpigmentation and enlarged or clogged pores
»   we recommend 6 sessions at fornightly to monthly intervals to achieve best results.

A course of 6 treatments: $550
Oxygen Facial Treatment: $135
Looking for a face lift? This treatment is designed to achieve outstanding results in reduction of wrinkle density Like no other Beauty treatment using pure oxygen and unique rejuvenation serums to nourish, hydrate and stimulate skin regeneration .Your skin will emerge deeply hydrated with increased firmness, balanced and glowing with health and vitality.

Salicyclic Facial Peel 45 min : $89
Excellent treatment for acne and aids in overall skin rejuvenation. Great for aging sun spots
Lactic Facial Peel 45 min : $98
This facial offers exfoliating and moisture retention properties and promotes soft, smooth skin as well as improvements in the appearance of fine lines.
Glycolic Facial Peel 45 min Glycolic 30% :$89 Glycolic 60% : $130
This facial exfoliates to promote the repair and regeneration of skin. Improves the appearence of aging
skin,uneven texture and tone.Great for Acneic congested, uneven skin tone.
Jessner Facial Peel 45 min : $130
This facial is a synergy of effective acids to help reduce the appearance of melasma, freckles,acne and mild cases of rosacea.
IPL process uses INTENSE PULSE LIGHT to gently treat Pigmentation and vascular irregularities are a result of age, sun damage and other genetic and environmental factors. Improvement/ and or reduction of such irregularities are the goals of these treatments. Improvements in skin texture such as fine lines, pore size and rough skin are also observed following a series of treatments.

A course of 5 Treatments with an interval of 4 Weeks
Skin Rejuvenation
Face (full) $250
Neck $100
Décolletage $150
Hands  $100
Spot Treatment $20(per zap)
Skin Tightening
Face (full) $350
Neck (front) $200
Face & Neck $490
Special Package Skin Rejuvenation &Skin Tightening Face (full) $398
The IPL process uses intense pulsed light to gently remove unwanted hair. IPL treatments leave your skin looking & feeling silkier, this treatment delivers lasting results and is safe to use on most skin types. It is an effective method for hair removal.
UPPER LIMB Female Male
Full Arms (inc. Hands) $250 $300
Half Arms $180 $190
Under arms $90  
Full Back $280-$360 $280-$350
Upper/ or Lower Back $100-$180 $100-$200
Chest & Abdomen   $250
Chest/ or Abdomen   $200
Breast (Areola) $70  
Full Breast $180  
Bikini (Basic) $100  
Bikini Extended $135  
Brazilian $210  
Buttocks & Anus $250  
Buttocks $180  
Anus $90  
Full Legs $450  
Lower Legs $250  
Upper Legs $300  
Upper Lip $50  
Chin $70  
Full Face $220  
Face (Side) $90  
Eyebrow (Middle) $30  
Cheeks $80  
Jaw $70  
Beard (to Jaw line) $100  
Neck Front & Back $150  
Neck Front/ or Back $90  
Female Waxing Treatment
-Facial waxing $38
-Upper lip/Eyebrow $30
-Upper lip/Chin $22
-Upper lip $13
-Eyebrow $18
-Underarms $20
-Full Arms $32
-Half Arms $28
-Full Arms & Under Arms (incl. fingers) $48
-Top Legs $32
-Half Legs $27
-Full Legs (incl. toes) $38
-Bikini $23
-Bikini Extended $28
-Bikini G-String $40
-Brazilian $55
Special Packages  
-Full Legs (incl. toes) & Bikini $53
-Full Legs &Extended Bikini $55
-Full Legs & Brazilian $75
-Full legs, G-string Bikini, U/Arms, Lip, Eyebrow $115
-Full legs, Ext. Bikini, U/Arms, Lip, Eyebrow, $83

Full Body(8 hours) $35
Full Body(2 hours) $35
Half Body $25
Eyelash Tinting $20
Eyebrow Tinting $12
special package Eyebrow wax/eyelash & brow tint $48
Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions luscious and naturally beautiful $189
Extension re-fills 3 weeks: $60
Extension re-fills 4 weeks: $90

Eye Wrap: $45
“A facial for your eyes”. This special service contains ingredients to keep the fragile eye area hydrated, protected and nourished .This helps diminish fine lines, skin slackness and puffiness. (Incl.eyelash tint)

Aroma Ear Candling: $45
This treatment is centuries old .It's used to relieve sinus pressure, sore throats and headaches.

Eye mask  treatment  with facial : $30

Oxygen  treatment  with  any  facial : $50

Back Facial Treatment: $85
Fabulous backs and shoulders start with this customised facial specific to your skins needs. Relax while we treat this often neglected area to an ultra-therapeutic back facial especially for you.

The art of massage is an ancient one. Massage therapy is one of the best ways to relieve stress and tension, stimulate tired muscles, increase circulation and perhaps most importantly, induce relaxation. When massage is combined with hydrotherapy it adds a new dimension to tranquility and a sense of well-being.

Swedish massage is relaxing and therapeutic, it combines long strokes & kneading techniques to improve skin and muscle tone and smooth tired aching muscles.

1/2hr back massage: $55
1hr massage: $80
1&1/2 hr massage: $120
One hour of pure indulgence, essential oils combined with massage helps restore the balance between the mind & body.
Body Exfoliation and Jet Shower: $70
This treatment consist of an invigorating scrub incorporating sugar scrubs blended with delicious aromatic oils to smooth away roughness and relax you all over .Followed by jet shower for a great polish. 45min
Body Treatments
Using centuries old natural ingredients to enhance your health and wellbeing .They detoxify the body eliminate excess fluids, improve circulation and skin tone to combat cellulite
Body Wraps: $130
The finish look of a professional make-up application should reflect your natural beauty.
For our modern day man who knows the importance of having clean, clear and great skin that looks and feels great.
We offer these services
-Manicure & pedicure
Waxing Treatment
-Eyebrow $20
-Eyebrow &Cheeks $35
-Nasal Wax $10
-Ear Wax $15
-Shoulder $25
-Neck $15
-Back & Shoulder $55
-Full Arms $38
-Half Arms $30
-Full Legs $45
-Full Legs, Chest & Abdomen $90
-Chest, Abdomen & Brazilian $110
-Chest & Abdomen $40